What Makes Us Unique

A Hand up not a Hand out

We work to restore our patient’s dignity and sense of self-worth by asking them to provide service hours to “pay” for their dental work.  This helps them to value the work they receive and feel that they are working to earn it, not just receiving a hand out.

Restoring Smiles

We want every patient to have the ability to smile. We focus on restoring teeth that can be saved instead of just pulling them and giving patients the confidence and health to move forward with their lives, gain employment, and move out of poverty.


Share a Smile never works alone. We believe that local partners can best identify the needs of the communities they serve and that by working together, both Share a Smile and the partner can achieve something truly remarkable.

High Impact Service

Share a Smile strives to achieve high impact in all of our service. Locally, Share a Smile provides high impact service by working with local charitable agencies to help clients move out of poverty, providing service in exchange for service hours instead of giving a handout, and providing an educational opportunity for pre-dental students to volunteer. Internationally, Share a Smile partners with local charities and governments, providing training to dentists and providing dental hygiene education.